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Associate Fellows
Updated: September 18th, 2015 01:31 PM (MT)

Associate Fellows of STC RMC

The STC Rocky Mountain Chapter is proud of its award-winning members and their contributions to the society. The following awards and honors represent STC International awards that individual STC Rocky Mountain Chapter members received.

The society has three elective, honorary ranks: associate fellow, fellow, and honorary fellow.

Associate Fellows

The society recognizes and honors deserving senior members by conferring upon them the rank of associate fellow. Those selected as associate fellows are exceptional individuals who have demonstrated a consistent pattern of meaningful contributions to the society over a period of years. The rank of associate fellow is elective and honorary. It is based upon the recommendations of a committee of fellows and associate fellows, and is conferred by a two-thirds vote of the entire board of directors.

STC Rocky Mountain Chapter members who were elected associate fellows include: