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Current Year Objectives
Updated: August 3rd, 2016 09:12 AM (MT)

STC RMC 2016-2017 Strategic Plan

The STC RMC 2016-2017 strategic plan was developed and approved by the STC RMC Executive Council in collaboration with key stakeholders and managers in July 2016.

Objective 1
Provide engaging programs that add tangible value to members

  1. Identify a budget that covers travel and expenses for each program.
  2. Focus on high-quality programs.
  3. Revisit live-streaming and webcasting options for meetings to extend reach.
  4. Include programs for seasoned members as well as student members and professionals transitioning from other careers.
  5. Leverage our value as a professional society to bring in recognized speakers.

Objective 2
Continue to build a relationship with the Technical Communication department at Metropolitan State University of Denver

  1. Involve Metro State University of Denver (MSUD) students in at least one program in the coming year.
  2. Identify ways to increase MSUD student involvement in STC programs and activities (including speaker events, Technicalities blog, etc.)

Objective 3
Evaluate chapter bylaws and consider revisions.

  1. Determine whether Vice President, President, and Past President progression can be decoupled.
  2. Examine other bylaws to identify any other areas where changes may assist the RMC in becoming more agile and adaptable.

Objective 4
Apply for the Community Achievement Award for 2016

Objective 5
Continue fiscal responsibility

  1. Spend money wisely to demonstrate chapter value and engage more members.
  2. Continue to cut costs when a better alternative is available.