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Long-term Strategic Plan
Updated: January 12th, 2013 09:43 AM (MT)

STC RMC 2012-2017 Strategic Plan

The members adopted the STC RMC 2007-2012 Strategic Plan in 2007 to ensure successful chapter activities both now and in the future.

We originally published this strategic plan on our website April 25, 2007 and executive council approved extending this plan on October 10, 2012.

Mission Statement

As technical communicators, information designers/developers/architects, we strive to improve the standing of our profession within the community.

We promote understanding and use of technical communication by facilitating the professional development of our members.

Goal 1

Improve professional services to our community

Goal 1 Objectives

Build ties to members/business community/nonprofits/schools/governments

Enhance members' business savvy

Increase opportunities for knowledge transfer

Demonstrate the value we bring to businesses, government, and education as technical communicators of complex topics

Goal 1 Strategies

Encourage mentoring

Encourage more interaction at meetings

Actively promote STC and the profession

Publish information to promote technical communication careers

Raise awareness of how technical communication impacts business

Goal 2

Improve the value of chapter meetings and seminars

Goal 2 Objectives

Increase membership enrichment

Increase and improve communication

Increase energy by improving interaction at meetings

Provide networking opportunities

Goal 2 Strategies

Publicize our meetings, topics, and speakers

Use all available technology to notify members

Provide a spectrum of meeting topics to engage audiences

Goal 3

Strengthen and sustain our community into the future

Goal 3 Objectives

Increase our volunteer base

Encourage community members to become leaders

Encourage involvement at the international level

Ensure a fiscal base that supports community activities

Goal 3 Strategies

Communicate opportunities for community members to volunteer

Offer leadership mentoring

Provide services that encourage community participation