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Archive: Meeting: February 2006

Updated: May 22nd, 2013 11:58 AM (MT)


Making the Most of Project You

Whether you work as an employee or an independent contractor, the best way to achieve success in your career is to first make the folks who pay your way successful.

Helping customers (internal and external) reach their goals isn't just about being great at technical communication--it's helping your customers achieve all their objectives:
  • business goals
  • profits
  • deadlines
  • quality levels
  • getting to go home on time
Keep your customers coming back for more by learning a few simple techniques for managing your projects and yourself. Pick up some helpful hints for developing the self-discipline, perseverance, and personal organization you'll need to build a work pipeline and to get the work done without sacrificing balance in your life.

About the Speaker

Bonnie Biafore is the author of several books about personal finance, investing, and project management. As an engineer, she's tenaciously attentive to detail and uncovers tantalizing tidbits about every topic she tackles. Her sick sense of humor turns subjects that are often drool-inducing into entertainment. Her book, the NAIC Stock Selection Handbook, won awards from both the Society of Technical Communication and APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. She is also the author of QuickBooks 2006: The Missing Manual, Quicken 2006 for Starters: The Missing Manual, and Online Investing Hacks. Bonnie writes regularly for Better Investing magazine, Microsoft's Work Essentials website, and As a consultant, she manages projects for clients and wins accolades for her ability to herd cats.
When not chained to her computer, she hikes in the mountains, cooks gourmet meals, and practices saying no to additional work assignments. You can learn more at her website, or email Bonnie at