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Kathryn Poe
Updated: January 12th, 2013 10:37 AM (MT)

A Certified SCRUM Master and self-proclaimed Agile zealot, Kathryn Poe’s recent focus has been on the benefits that the technical communicator can provide within an Agile SCRUM framework, and conversely, how Agile may be used to empower the technical communicator. To quote Kathyrn, ”We are all a bit tired of being the Rodney Dangerfield of the development world, I think. Agile gives us the chance to change that perception, or at least start the process.”

Kathryn draws on nearly 20 years of tech comm experience in a range of vertical markets including software, telephony and networking, manufacturing, professional sales and services, pharmaceuticals, banking and finance.

In 2011, Kathryn was named an STC fellow for her exceptional work in the profession of technical communication and for her impressive work with Agile and willingness to share information. She is also a past president and Distinguished Chapter Service Award winner of the Lone Star chapter in Dallas, Texas. She earned a BA from North Texas State University with a major in Radio/Television/Film and a minor in English. She and her techie spouse live in Texas, travel often, and are owned by four demanding felines.

Thriving in the Agile Environment