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Active Member Rewards Program (AMRP)
Updated: November 6th, 2014 04:29 PM (MT)

Active Member Rewards Program

RMC's Active Member Rewards Program (AMRP) is a way of rewarding members who support the chapter by providing their support or services. We award points for volunteering as officers or managers, writing blogs on Technicalities, facilitating meetings, and attending meetings. After all, active members do deserve a reward!

  • Members who accrue 15 or more points in the calendar year receive an Amazon gift card worth $25. That’s the same cost as your chapter membership. By being an active member, you not only receive all the benefits of your chapter activities, but you get that membership for free!
  • Members who accrue 10–14 points will receive an Amazon gift card worth $10. Again, that’s free bucks just for hanging out with your peeps!

The following table shows different ways that you can earn points.

Activity Point Value
Attend a chapter meeting: RMC program, official networking event, or RMC-sponsored webinar 1
Blog on Technicalities. Share your knowledge and opinions. Write a 400-700 word book review, tool evaluation, or a conference or event report. 1
Be a chairman/officer: 0.5 for holding an office and 0.5 for attending Council meetings. 1
Present a program or webinar. Share your expertise with RMC members.  2
Visit an affiliated organization’s meeting and write a review or introduction for the Technicalities blog. 1
Organize an impromptu networking meeting at a location of your choice. 1
Research and present findings for what other chapters, communities and organizations are doing to make their chapters more efficient, provide more value for their members, save money, or other positive outcomes. 1
Work with the web team to update pages on the STC RMC website. 1
Assist our social media manager to provide more content for our Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn service offerings. 1
Attend a meeting of the Northern Colorado Satellite in Fort Collins. 1
Start a satellite group. Good candidate locations are Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Salt Lake City. Meet for coffee and networking once a month with technical communicators in your area. As a satellite group facilitator, you receive 1 point for each meeting you lead. 1

Everyone who attends an event or volunteers for a position helps keep our chapter strong and vibrant. Your contribution is valuable and your involvement does make a difference. For more information, please contact