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Treating documentation like code: a practical account

May 4th, 2017 06:00 PM

May 4th, 2017 08:00 PM

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May Bonus Program

Treating documentation like code: a practical account

by Jodie Putrino

Join the Rocky Mountain Chapter as we partner with Boulder/Denver Write the Docs to bring you, "Treating documentation like code: a practical account" with Jodie Putrino.

Are you interested in developing docs like code? Are you frustrated by the lack of available information as to what that really means and how exactly you're supposed to do it? Welcome to the club!

Jodie has worked with a team of passionate software engineers to bring a long list of "awesome-future" ideas for treating documentation like code into practice. She will describe how they create, test, build, and publish our documentation using agile methodologies, so others have a path to follow.

Jodie will go over the tools they chose to write, build, and test the docs; the responsibilities of the software engineers and technical writer, respectively, for creating and maintaining content; the docs information architecture we developed; how they incorporated syntax and grammar checks into code testing; and how they build and deploy their documentation automatically.

Presented by the Rocky Mountain Chapter of STC and Denver/Boulder Write the Docs


6 - 8 PM

Dinner, presentation on Treating documentation like code: a practical account

Cost Free

Our May bonus program will be held May 4th at the Daniels Fund in Denver. Meet other like-minded technical communicators and enjoy a nice evening out!

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Daniels Fund
101 Monroe Street
Denver, CO 80206