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Joel is a successful Senior Technical Writer in Denver. His favorite things to write are user manuals, technical specs, processes and procedures, and help solutions. His other Tech Comm interests include content management, single-sourcing, and reuse. His favorite hobby is recumbent cycling. He lives in Denver CO with his wife Fiona, 14-year old son, and Lilly (a Jack Russell) and Charlie (a Westie).

Once again the STC RMC does not disappoint!

“Communication through Signage & Wayfinding” by presenter Jamy Jones was informative, fun, and a real eye opener. I will never look at signage and wayfinding the same again! And now I know who to complain to when I am lost at DIA! … Continue reading

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Getting the job, another reason why I renewed my STC and STC RMC memberships

In the years past, I wrote a blog about how much a cup of Starbucks (~$1.85) or cable TV (~$2.20), or internet (~$2.33) costs each day compared to the daily cost of an STC and STC RMC membership ($0.60) combined. … Continue reading

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To employers: what tech writers are looking for when they interview you

Some background: Last month I had the opportunity to be free-free of that pesky direct deposit into my checking account. The company “realigned” and I found myself dropped off in the land of those looking for the “next opportunity.” Not really … Continue reading

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Reading and writing between the sets of key-value pairs

The majority of us have edited readme files. As I was editing some text in code for development the other day, I wondered how many of us have edited properties files. I also wondered how many of us think, “I … Continue reading

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New and Improved Blogging!

Do you write first write WordPress blogs in a text editor (such as Word or Notepad) and then copy and paste to your blog? I DO! I’d rather scratch my blog into sandstone using cuneiform script than use the blog’s text … Continue reading

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