Book Review: SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple

SharePoint 2010 Plain & SimpleLooking for a quick read on how to accomplish basic tasks in SharePoint 2010, or want to see what will be different from previous versions? If so, SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple is an excellent resource. It’s perfect for anyone who is new to SharePoint or in need of a reminder on how to do common tasks. It has chapters on everything from working with documents to collaborating with blogs, all explained in clear, simple instructions with detailed, numbered screenshots.

While this book does an excellent job of outlining all the basics of working in SharePoint 2010, it does not attempt to explain more complex functions, such as customizing workflows in SharePoint Designer. Therefore, developers might not find it to be much more than a reference tool. But the everyday user, especially those who are constantly asking you how to do things in SharePoint because they don’t have any other resource, need to keep a copy of this book at their desk.

Since it does such a thorough job of outlining everything SharePoint 2010 can do, developers may still find it useful for those tasks they only perform once in a great while (such as viewing Audit Reports). My next task will be to find a similar book on SharePoint Designer 2010, and if I find one I can recommend I’ll be sure to post another review with all the details.

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Plain & Simple: Your easy, colorful, SEE-HOW guide to SharePoint! Copyright  2010 by Jonathan Lightfoot and Chris Beckett. O’Reilly Media, Inc. Sebastopol, CA. ISBN: 978-0-735-64228-7.

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