Minimalistic-ally, what five things are needed for content management?

Versioning. Content Owners. Content Units. And?

My company has come along way from versioning by filename (e.x. ABC_11_01_2010.doc, ABC_11_29_2010.doc, ABC_12_01_2010.doc. and so on) to a sort of resemblance of a content management strategy.

I need to write them a “playbook” for content management. It really needs to be a page. No more.
What would you put? How would you present it?

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Joel is a successful Senior Technical Writer in Denver. His favorite things to write are user manuals, technical specs, processes and procedures, and help solutions. His other Tech Comm interests include content management, single-sourcing, and reuse. His favorite hobby is recumbent cycling. He lives in Denver CO with his wife Fiona, 14-year old son, and Lilly (a Jack Russell) and Charlie (a Westie).
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