Submission guidelines

Technicalities is a collaborative blog with submissions from members of the technical communication community. If you’d like to submit an article, please e-mail  news (at) stcrmc (dot) org or register for the blog so that you can post your own contributions. E-mail submissions may be included in the body of the e-mail or as .RTF, .DOC, .HTML file formats.

If you have any questions about how to post an article, please see Creating a blog post or e-mail news (at) stcrmc (dot) org.

Articles may be submitted on any topic related to technical communication, including:

  • Original article on a technical communication topic such lessons learned, case studies, lists of useful resources, issues for or about emerging professionals, and so on
  • Tips and tricks (Software, writing, and other tips)
  • Book/software/tool review
  • Meeting review
  • Link to an existing article or blog post with comments about your views on the subject, points that you liked, and so on
  • Interview with a technical communication professional
  • News items from STC and our chapter, including notable achievements by members of our community
  • Upcoming meetings or webinars related to technical communication from other organizations

The preferred word count for articles is 500-750 words. If your subject matter warrants it, articles longer than 1,000 words should be serialized between two or more posts. A “headshot” of yourself to be included with your article would be appreciated.

Submissions should be edited before they are posted. If you cannot find someone to edit your article, please let us know so that we can find a volunteer to edit it. The Technicalities staff reserves the right to edit articles further for clarity and length and reject articles that do not meet our standards for content or quality.

Note: By submitting a blog post, you implicitly grant a license to this newsletter to run the article and for other STC publications to reprint it without permission. Copyright is held by the writer. In your blog post or e-mail submission, please note if this article has run elsewhere, and if it has been submitted for consideration to other publications.

Creating a blog post

1. Log on to the STC RMC blog at

a. On the right navigation panel, under Log on & Subscribe, click Log in.

b. Enter your user name and password and click Log in.

Note: If you haven’t registered, see Register.

2. To create a new post, do one of the following:

  • In the banner, click New Post.
  • In the left navigation panel, hover your mouse cursor over Posts, click the down arrow, and click Add New.

Note: If you don’t see the New Post link, e-mail news (at) stcrmc (dot) org to request permission to post or e-mail the article to news (at) stcrmc (dot) org.

3. On the Add New Post page, enter a title and the content of your post.

4. In the Categories panel, select the appropriate categories for your post (such as, Meetings and Meeting Review). The chapter would appreciate you selecting at least one category and clearing the check box for uncategorized (the default setting). These tags are important so that your post is easy to find from the navigation panel on the blog.

5. In the Tags panel, add the appropriate tags for your post (for example, your name, the presenter’s name, the subject of the presentation). These tags are important for search engines and will help your post appear in search results.

Tip: You can also click Choose from the most used tags, and then click the appropriate tags from the list that appears under the link.

6. When you’re finished with your post, click Publish or Submit for Review.

Note: The button that is available depends on your permissions.

If you clicked Publish, your post will appear on the blog immediately. If you clicked Submit for Review, your post will be reviewed before it is posted. If only minor changes are needed (punctuation and grammar), your post will be published. If major changes are needed, you will be contacted.

Some things to note:

  • There is a spell check feature in the blog, but it is not as robust as Microsoft Word.
  • You can preview a draft of your post before you publish it.
  • After you publish your post, you can go back and edit it if needed if you have the appropriate permissions. If you cannot edit your post, e-mail news (at) stcrmc (dot) org with the changes needed.
  • If your post is quite long, you can insert a “More” break by  inserting  your cursor in the appropriate place in the post and clicking the icon in  the WordPress formatting toolbar that look like a page with a  horizontal  dashed line through the middle.

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